Before the visit

Before the visit

Recommendations for patients preparing for the first appointment with a TCM specialist

before the visit, the patient is obliged to provide the Center with a diagnosis issued by a conventional medicine doctor, all available lab tests results and a completed health questionnaire (the survey can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page). Documents can be sent in electronic version (scans) or delivered in person.

Based on the medical documentation and questionnaire provided by the patient, the TCM specialist makes consultations according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine during the visit.

Important elements of consultations are:

  • pulse examination,
  • visual inspection of the tongue.

The main elements of the diagnosis are:

  • pulse examination,
  • tongue examination.

Before the first consultation visit we recommend following:

  • do not eat 1 hour before the visit (if your visit is in the morning you should eat a light brekfast)
  • do not drink coffee, do not smoke and do not wash the tongue 1 hour before the visit.

Health condition survey + declarations