Cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture

It is a method derived from traditional Chinese medicine. During the treatment, needles are placed in key areas of the face, which significantly influences skin revitalization by smoothing wrinkles and producing collagen. Systematic use prevents skin deformation due to the force of gravity. Cosmetic facial acupuncture is recommended:

  • for people who particularly care about the healthy appearance of their face
  • for people looking for relaxation and new experiences
  • for people who do not want to or cannot undergo surgery
  • for people who do not want to use injections with chemicals in the face
  • for people who want to improve metabolism, flexibility and muscle tone
  • for people who want to use natural methods such as acupuncture for wrinkles and other signs of skin aging

Contraindications for the procedure:

  • skin diseases, especially with infectious lesions
  • pregnancy
  • Ease of breaking capillaries
  • haemophilia

The course of cosmetic acupuncture treatment:

  • consultation with a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine
  • cosmetic acupuncture of the face and its energetic counterparts on the body performed by a specialist from China
  • relaxing massage of the neck, shoulders, cleavage and face
  • time to rest after the procedure and Chinese tea

The number of treatments is selected individually. The effects are most often visible after a series of 10 treatments (treatments are performed twice a week). After completing the series, one cosmetic acupuncture treatment is recommended a month to maintain the effect.

Treatment price: 220 PLN

Treatment time: about 90 minutes All treatments are performed by our specialists:

  • Luo Xin – specialist in traditional Chinese medicine
  • Maksymilian Brożek – qualified SPA therapist